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“…Climalit®, the leading brand in double glazing…”

In Cristaleria Benissa, faithful to our raison d’être, we work with the best modern glazing, the SGG Climalit®, the leading brand in double glazing both in Spain and Europe, which is supplied by one of the biggest and most innovative companies in the Valencian Community, Cerviglass.

SGG Climalit® offers a 10 year warranty in any problem we may have in the inner part of the glass since SGG Climalit® consists of two or more glasses and a separating profile that surrounds a sealed chamber filled with air or gases (SF6, argon or krypton). The sealing of the chamber is guaranteed by a double airtight barrier formed by organic sealants that ensure the mechanic stability.

Because of its configuration, SGG Climalit® provides a great thermal and acoustic insulation in comparison with single glazing:

  •  It reduces thermal conductivity between the areas that they separate, providing a great insulation both in summer and in winter. Using a minimum of 4 mm in each glass contributes to an important factor of acoustic correction.
  •  These properties may be reinforced and/or complemented when other specific Saint-Gobain Glass® glasses are integrated, creating thus a wide range of SGG Climalit® double glazing to satisfy your needs:
    • Self-cleaning glass: SGG CLIMALIT® with SGG BIOCLEAN®
    • Reinforced thermal insulation: SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® with SGG PLANITHERM-S®

    • 4 seasons comfort: SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® with SGG PLANISTAR®

    • Sun control: SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® with CONTROL SOLAR®

    • Reinforced acoustic insulation: SGG CLIMALIT SILENCE®

    • Reinforced security and protection: SGG CLIMALIT SAFE O PROTECT®

    • Design and aesthetics: SGG CLIMALIT DESIGN®

For further information, see SGG CLIMALIT® on www.saint-gobain-glass.com.

SGG CLIMALIT® increases the comfort and well-being, providing a better quality of life.
SGG CLIMALIT® offers joint solutions to the problems of solar and thermal control, acoustic insulation and security.

“…can be combined with each other…”

All the types of glass described above can be combined with each other; for instance, security glass Climalit® with decorative glass, tempered glass Climalit® with Antelio® glass, etc. So, you can make any cambination you desire.